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A legendary local landmark for those in the know

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This iconic hidden gem floating on the shimmering horizon of Biscayne Bay and just off the coast of the majestic Miami skyline, recalls a nostalgic era from the city’s notorious and at times, illicit past.

Bootleggers & Rumrunners

Once a mecca for Prohibition era gangsters and “rumrunners”, by the 1940’s Stiltsville had established invite-only clubs and gentlemen’s establishments that quickly became a popular playground for Miami’s affluent and connected.


Speakeasies & Gentlemen’s Clubs

Stiltsville in the 1940′ – 60’s found invite-only clubs like the Calvert and Quarterdeck clubs catering to Miami’s elite and politically connected. The Calvert Club quickly became a major destination for jet-setters visiting Miami.


Stiltsville Miami Boat Tour

Stiltsville is only accessible by boat thus you will need a Miami boat tour company to access it. The colorful houses sit 1.5 miles from the shoreline in the shallow waters of the bay and within Biscayne National Park. Boat tour companies must be licensed with the park to take visitors for historical boat tours.